Fueled by a spirit of wanderlust and a love for unique finds, we embarked on a journey to create Qujami and bring modern Bohemian clothes, hats, headwear, and accessories to the world.

Founded in 2005 in lovely Goa, India, by Yumiko Onuma, Qujami now has three physical locations in exquisite Koh Samui and Phuket, Thailand. Online, Qujami's boutique boasts 5,000 unique and loyal members. We serve department stores, boutiques, luxury hotels, and customers in Thailand, Japan, and several countries across Asia and Europe.

As citizens of the world, designers, and fashion connoisseurs, we design and curate fashion with a genuine love for the craft, the people who wear it, and the world our textiles come from. We create and source clothing, hats, and sandals with comfort, durability, freedom, and practicality in mind, yet we never compromise on premium quality and craftsmanship.

The result is a collection that perfectly balances Bohemian chic, vintage looks, easy wear, and modern fashion. The Qujami collection reflects a casual and original mood, offering styles for every season and comfortable chic for every man, woman, and child. We share this timeless, borderless, and ever-evolving collection with the full spectrum of humanity.

Moving forward, we are committed to bringing together fresh trends and classic styles to create original and modern Bohemian beauty. We create what we love and love to wear what we create. We hope you will, too.


About Yumiko and Uziel


“We strive to make products that we want to use, articles that won’t be common or mass-produced like items you’ll find in big retail chains. I founded Qujami to express my passion, and to create articles I would want to wear. I’m happy to have found kindred spirits, around the world and by my side, who share my sense of style.”

Yumiko, Founder. Fashion and Style Director. Designer. Model. Chief of Sourcing. Social Media Director. Partner. Mother.


What makes Qujami special is that it’s built on a balance of contrasts. We are a man and a woman from two very different backgrounds, yet we share a common vision and concept. We’re always seeking ways to express our passion for the timelessly trendy and the casually classy through our products.

Uziel, Managing Director. Photographer. Production Manager. Chief of Visual Design and Concepts. Partner. Father.

What Does qujami Mean?

Our wonderfully unique name is a hybrid of two important words: Yumiko (founder's name) and Kujaku.

Kujaku, the Japanese word for "Peacock," is prominently featured in our logo.

The Peacock, with its vibrant colors, beauty, grace, and pride, perfectly complements the elegance of Yumiko's name and honors the place where it all started – Goa, India, many years ago.