Horizon | Leggings
Horizon | Leggings
Horizon | Leggings
Horizon | Leggings
Horizon | Leggings
Horizon | Leggings

Horizon | Leggings

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Horizon is defined as the apparent junction where the earth seems to meet the sky, in other words, the fine line between the known and the unknown.

About the Color: This blue is light, bright and tranquil, with shades of the inner blueberry. It symbolizes peace and calm. In color psychology, it is also associated with trustworthiness and reliability. 

Combinations: pairs beautifully with yellow, brown, navy and grey.

Gypsy Amazon made these leggings to be very light, soft, and comfortable to wear all day. Perfect for warm weather, this fabric wicks sweat so you can keep your mind on your movement. They are also made to be expressive, funky, and unique, just like you! All prints are limited edition.


Recommended for:

Physical activities: gym, yoga, jogging, dance, acrobatics, aerial, barre, ballet, cross fit, Pilates etc.

Home and casual: These will prove to be the most comfortable and practical item in your wardrobe. You may never want to take them off!

Off the Mat: You can wear Gypsy Amazon leggings as pants. They are easy to wear in any season. All you need is some creativity and accessories. Examples to pair with: oversized sweater, chemise, dress, kimono, jacket and heels etc.… You set the style!

Travel Pants: We are a tribe of explorers who love to hit the road and cross oceans. These leggings are extremely light to carry and super comfy for long journeys. You will want to take these leggings with you wherever you go.

Shows, Performances, Videos, Photoshoots: Because of our exquisite patterns, shiny colors and flattering design; Gypsy Amazon’s activewear really stands out on the stage or the screen. 


Size Guide:

SIZE 1: XS, S, S/M, M

SIZE 2: M/L, L

If you are below 1,60cm, you could wear the leggings under heels, or fold the extra fabric inwards.    


About the Fabric - FIT LYCRA

Look good, feel good! Sometimes you just want to wear leggings as pants, perhaps now more than ever. When you do, you’ll most likely reach for our fabulous block colors; with flattering fit, high-quality construction, secure waistband and chic aesthetic. Our stunning new colors are perfect to pair with anything in your wardrobe. If you prioritize comfort in both your workout and your everyday life, this fabric is for you.