Fedora Raffia Hat

Tacy | Fedora Hat | Raffia Straw Hat | Mossant Hat

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Mossant Fedora Raffia collection, Made from 100% Raffia High Grade braided, This Raffia straw hat is made for those who are looking for comfort and a stylish hat. it's a Lightweight and flexible hat that can be easily folded and carried, Easily gets back in shape

Tacy Fedora Hat is designed to use on different occasions to wear in any event or as daily headwear.

Mossant, The hat brand originated in Paris and is one of the oldest in the world since 1883. Mossant uses traditional refined handicrafts for each hat to ensure top-quality signature designs. the brand aims to be as unique as the individual who wears them.

The hat can be adjusted with a velcro inner band to tie it and fit it to your head size. You can expect to reduce the size by 1 - 2cm.


  • Hat Material: 100% Raffia
  • Ribbon: 
  • Brand: Mossant Paris


  • Hat Size: M56-57cm, L58-59cm
  • Hat Crown:  10cm
  • Hat Brim: 6cm
  • Weight: 170g

inner adjustable velcro band reduce the size by 1 - 2 cm